Business planning for activity providers

As part of your overall business strategy, a robust business plan is fundamental and will usually be required if you are looking for investment. This is a detailed document that will set out the elements of your business ranging from your customer profile to corporate set up. Really understanding your business and being able to communicate this is an important part of any business plan or funding application.  

Within this section there is a business plan template and an excel template where you can include historical financial information as well as preparing future annual financial projections for your business. 

The templates can be downloaded, edited and customised with your own business information and branding.

Please note that the business plan template has been aligned with the help sheet prepared by the Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies – Ireland (CCAB-I) and the Irish Banking Federation. It is designed to facilitate the use of a common approach, framework and language in the preparation of business plans and the raising of bank finance.