Meeting with the bank

As part of managing and planning the future financial needs of your business, meetings with your bank or lender require careful preparation. Applications and gathering your documentation can take time as there are a number of elements to consider in applying for a loan or further lending.  

All lenders and financial institutions, regardless of the existing relationship with the business, will require a suite of documents as part of any loan or working capital application. It is advisable to have as much of the required documents prepared in advance so that your business can proceed with a fully completed lending application when required.

Within this section you will find tips on key items to consider when preparing to meet with the bank and a checklist for a borrowing application. A simple loan model (template and video) is also provided which will show you the repayment requirements on a loan and the size of the loan your business will be able to service. 

Download our resources, guides and videos providing tips on meeting with the bank and on how to complete the simple loan model.  

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