Interviewing and selection

Interviewing is a critical stage of the recruitment process in a competitive labour market. Take a moment to think about the interviewing process in your business:  

  • Are there opportunities to help candidates relate to company culture, employer values and the role they have applied for?
  • Can you refine your interviewing and selection processes for candidates without the desirable levels of experience, but with the right attitude/aptitude? 
  • How is your job offer helping a candidate distinguish between the benefits of a role with you above that of other businesses job offers?  

This section provides insights and templates that will support your business to screen, interview and assess candidates in an effective and legally compliant way. 

Video Resources


Supporting Slides to the Video 'Interviewing to Win the Candidate' [PDF 3mb]

Learn how to maximise your interviewing process to select the best talent for your business

Organising an Interview [DOCX 123kb]

Use this checklist to ensure you have all aspects covered when organising an interview

Screening and Scoring Candidates during the Application Process [PDF 452kb]

Learn how to screen and score candidates during the application process

Inviting a Candidate to a Phone Screening [DOCX 117kb]

Save time with this practical template when inviting candidates to be screened over the phone

Inviting a Candidate to an Interview [DOCX 121kb]

Use this template to save time and invite candidates to an interview

A Guidance Note on Sample Interview Questions [PDF 326kb]

Use this document to prepare interview questions effectively

A Guidance Note on Notetaking in Recruitment [PDF 387kb]

Learn how to implement effective notetaking in recruitment

A Guidance Note to Scoring at Interviews [DOCX 158kb]

Gain a balanced perspective of a candidate’s skills, attributes and attitude with this guidance note

Interview Assessment Form [DOCX 121kb]

Use this practical template to effectively assess interview candidates

Telephone Reference Check [DOCX 158kb]

Use this practical template to reach out to a candidate's referees

A Checklist for Writing a Job Offer Letter [DOCX 130kb]

Use this handy checklist to ensure you have all aspects covered when issuing the letter of offer

Job Offer Letter [DOCX 122kb]

Save time with this practical template when issuing a job offer letter

Letter of Regret [DOCX 119kb]

Save time with this practical template when issuing any letters of regret to unsuccessful candidates

Contract [DOCX 124kb]

Use this template to ensure that your contracts clearly outline key information needed by your employees