Fundamentals of kitchen operations

Training is essential for aspiring chefs the right competitive advantage to be able to perform in their roles. They become more aware of safety practices and proper procedures to carry out their work. The confidence level goes up with stronger understanding of the industry and the responsibilities that comes with their job.  

Failte Ireland have developed a series of short videos covering key areas in the Fundamentals of Kitchen Operations  

The videos will include:  

  • An introduction to this series of Kitchen fundamentals
  • Mise En Place gives a basic knowledge of Kitchen organisation & preparation 
  • The safe use of knives in a kitchen environment  
  • How to check food deliveries to ensure they meet the required specification   
  • An understanding of labelling for beef, fish, and poultry   

We hope you find these training videos worthwhile and can put the learnings into practice.  

The videos are to be used as guidance only. As each business is different, the advice can be adjusted to suit your specific work practices.  

 Note: While we attempt to thoroughly address specific topics and best practices it is not possible to include discussion of every situation that may apply to any particular individual or workplace in a presentation of this nature and therefore Fáilte Ireland does not make any representation or warranty as to the applicability, suitability, accuracy or completeness of the content.  

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