Introduction to LEAN and Six Sigma

Industry is operating in a transformed environment and new consumer landscape; it is now more important than ever that businesses develop improved operational competencies that lead to tangible business benefits and improved work practises.  

LEAN & Six Sigma can benefit hospitality businesses in driving sustainable improvements in operations and service by helping them to identify and reduce waste and streamline processes to achieve greater lean operational efficiencies. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, greater profitability and performance across the business offering. 

This suite of supports aims to inspire business owners and managers to learn more about how LEAN & Six Sigma can be used to solve practical problems within the day-to-day work environment and implement a continuous improvement mindset within their own business, across all departments and by all teams. These supports will provide up-to-date tactical advice on LEAN & Six Sigma methodologies and how this learning can be implemented in a hospitality setting for continuous business improvement.  

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